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IIRC, Guido recognized only PyPy, Jython, and IronPython as alternate conforming implementations.   A number of other projects were python-like but were also going off in their own directions not subject to his pronouncements.

MicroPython is a pretty cool project but I don't think that its goal is for most code written for CPython would run on MicroPython or vice-versa.

That said, somewhere in the docs (a FAQ entry) there should be a list some of pythonesque implementation like MicroPython, CircuitPython, CPython, VPython, etc.

IMO, the Language Reference is the wrong place.  That document (which used to be subtitled "for language lawyers only") is intended to be the most precise and offical specification of the Python language.  It doesn't make sense to reference implementations that don't follow the specification.
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