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Date 2018-06-11.17:49:57
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Normally, when I upload files using the PUT request I get upload speed of about 100 Mb/s.
But as soon as I set the timeout, the speed drops to about 4 Mb/s (can vary depending on the server):

# Running on Windows 10, using Python 3.6.5

from io import BytesIO
import http.client

def upload(timeout=None):
    test_file = BytesIO(b"0" * 15 * 1024**2)

    if timeout is not None:
        conn = http.client.HTTPConnection("", timeout=timeout)
        conn = http.client.HTTPConnection("")

    conn.request("PUT", "/put", body=test_file)


upload(25) # Painfully slow
upload() # Pretty fast

This problem seems to only affect Windows.
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