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Date 2018-06-10.00:46:07
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Dan, your bug report is pretty much incoherent ;-)  This standard Stack Overflow advice applies here too:

Guessing your complaint is that:


keeps increasing by 1 across calls to `leaks()`, then as Eric said it will drop back to its original value after a `gc.collect()` call.

Steven, best I can tell weakrefs have nothing to do with this.  The refcount on itertools.repeat increases if


is deleted.

It's a simple reference cycle.  That is

    ns['f'].__globals__ is ns

is True, so `ns` can't be collected via reference counting, and so `ns` also holds a reference to the irrelevantly renamed `itertools.repeat` too until cyclic gc can detect the trash cycle.

Dan, if that's _not_ what you're complaining about, please follow the advice at the top and add a focused, minimal example of what you are talking about.  In the meantime, I'm closing this as not-a-bug.
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