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Date 2018-06-08.17:54:33
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It looks like there's general agreement on python-dev that this is appropriate for v3.8 (not v3.7).

Guido van Rossum and Ramsey D'silva gave a +1. Raymond Hettinger noted some use cases. INADA Naoki raised a point about waiting for other implementations, which Guido agreed with, but after some research came around to OK'ing this for v3.8.

Responding to Serhiy Storchaka's worry about adding new code possibly upsetting the compiler optimizations: The implementation seems straightforward and unlikely to confuse the compiler. Is there evidence that similar code has previously made CPython slower? If the compiler's black magic is too difficult to understand, it may be equally plausible that this code causes an improvement to the optimization of unrelated code.
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