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Date 2018-06-08.14:45:35
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Hi Eric,

Apologize for not providing the link. Below is the link which i was referring to:

I have an already opened telnet session(established by some other user). Now if I again try to open a telnet session to the same serve, my server will populate me with some options like below:

a. Connect to Port read/write
b. Connect to Port read only
c. Do not connect, drop this connection request
d. Look at port log file

So python telnetlib module doesn't handle these options even though i use below code. 
#establishing connectino to the remote host 
tn = telnetlib.Telnet(HOST,PORT)
# remote server will populate the above given options and stop at '>>', so i'm using the below line to read '>>' and write 'a'
print(tn.read_until(">> ".encode('ascii')))

i have created this issue after trying all possible ways and searching the web for a whole day. 
Let me know if there is any way to handle this.
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