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Author vstinner
Recipients asvetlov, christian.heimes, eitan.adler, terry.reedy, vstinner, yselivanov
Date 2018-06-08.06:54:58
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Yury made 3 changes in the master branch for this change:

* Workaround: await asyncio.sleep(0.5, loop=self.loop)
* Use stdout to synchrone parent and child process
* Revert the second change (stdout sync)

commit bb9474f1fb2fc7c7ed9f826b78262d6a12b5f9e8
Author: Yury Selivanov <>
Date:   Tue May 29 22:00:31 2018 -0400

    Revert "A better fix for asyncio test_stdin_broken_pipe (GH-7221)" (GH-7235)
    This reverts commit ad74d50517c069359578014bb32e660828d68332.
    Turns out it's not a good fix -- Travis has just crashed on this test.

commit ad74d50517c069359578014bb32e660828d68332
Author: Yury Selivanov <>
Date:   Tue May 29 20:57:50 2018 -0400

    A better fix for asyncio test_stdin_broken_pipe (#7221)

commit 4fadf0c639476fa50a40ec6f119f98c01e56ad95
Author: Yury Selivanov <>
Date:   Tue May 29 13:40:47 2018 -0400

    Attempt to fix test_stdin_broken_pipe on Travis (#7210)
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