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Current error messages for different classes:

   "can't pickle XXX objects" (default)
   "Cannot serialize XXX object" (socket, BZ2Compressor, BZ2Decompressor)
   "can not serialize a 'XXX' object" (buffered files in _pyio)
   "cannot serialize 'XXX' object" (FileIO, TextWrapperIO, WinConsoleIO, buffered files in _io, LZMACompressor, LZMADecompressor)

Yest one error message is proposed by PR 6099 in issue33023 for SSLContext:

   "cannot serialize {} object"

PR 6239 replaces them with unified

   "cannot serialize 'XXX' object"

which already is used in some extension classes. This is the most popular error message except the default error message. I'm not sure this is the best error message. "can't"/"Cannot"/"cannot"/"can not", using an article and quotes -- what is better?
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