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Date 2007-04-25.15:20:40
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I just downloaded 2.5.1, get the "books" from <URL:> and start reading (using Acrobat 5.01 17/09/2002 Spanish _and_ Foxit Reader 1.3 build 0930 if it matters) and I noticed in lib.pdf some bookmarks (right-hand column, "Marcadores" in my localized interface) incorrectly generated, with traces from the LaTeX sources still apparent:

4.8.5 encodings.utf_8_sig — UTF-8 codec with BOM signature
13.3 copy_reg — Register pickle support functions
15.4 dummy_thread — Drop-in replacement for the thread module
15.5 dummy_threading — Drop-in replacement for the threading
18.4.3 wsgiref.simple_server – a simple WSGI HTTP server
19.4.1 AU read Objects
19.4.2 AU write Objects
19.5.1 Wave read Objects
19.5.2 Wave write Objects
23.5 test.test_support — Utility functions for tests
26.2 __builtin__ — Built-in objects
26.3 __main__ — Top-level script environment
26.8 __future__ — Future statement definitions
30.8 py_compile — Compile Python source files
36.3 _winreg – Windows registry access

The actual text is correct (the above is a direct copy-and-paste), only the summary bookmarks are wrong; and unfortunately, I cannot copy-and-paste them... The last one shows something like

36.3 unhbox voidb@x penalty @M hskip z@skip unhbox voidb@x .06emvbox {hrule width.3em}discretionary {-}{}{}penalty @M hskip z@skip winreg -- Windows registry access

(at first sight I thought it was semi-crypted, anti-Windows or similar thing :-))

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