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Author Jakub Szewczyk
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Date 2018-06-01.12:42:33
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.2f produces a string representation of a float rounded up to 2 significant digits.

>>> print ("{:.2f}".format(1.891))

However, it does not respect locale. There is no counterpart of 'f' that would respect locale. There is 'n', but because it follows the rules of 'g', in many cases it returns a different number of significant digits. 

>>> print ("{:.2n}".format(1.891))

In all my uses of formatted float printing, I need to produce floats that are rounded to have the same number of significant digits. I _presume_ this generalizes to the majority people, and the use of 'f' option is much more widespread than the use of 'g'. If this is the case, then a locale-friendly counterpart of 'f' would be very useful.
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