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Date 2018-06-01.10:45:42
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> What's the procedure here?  If I backport the fix to the 3.7 branch, will it go straight into the 3.7.0 release or will it be deferred to 3.7.1??

"All fixes that have been merged into the 3.7 branch as of cutoff tomorrow
will be in 3.7.0b5 and fixes merged afterwards will be in 3.7.0rc1 up to
its cutoff point. After 3.7.0rc1 cutoff, 3.7 merges will appear in 3.7.1.
Please continue to exercise diligence when deciding whether a change is
appropriate for 3.7; as a rule of thumb, treat the 3.7 branch as if it were
already released and in maintenance mode."
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