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Author steve.dower
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Date 2018-05-31.16:13:29
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I need to stop working on this right now, but here's the locals layout in a normal release build in r_object:

@rdi              @rdi                                p = 0x00000034`655ea3d0
00000034`65403f60 @rsp+0x0080                         v = 0x00000000`00000000
00000034`65403fc0 @rsp+0x00e0                       buf = char [256] ""
00000034`654040c0 @rsp+0x01e0                       buf = char [256] ""

In the PGO build, it looks like this:
000000be`1e003b50 @rsp+0x0080                         v = 0x00000000`00000000
000000be`1e003b58 @rsp+0x0088               is_interned = 0n0
000000be`1e003ef0 @rsp+0x0420                       buf = char [256] ""
000000be`1e003ff0 @rsp+0x0520                       buf = char [256] ""

I need to ping the team and figure out why the buffers are so far removed from the rest of the stack, and figure out what's in the gap. That seems to be the core of the problem.
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