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Date 2018-05-31.02:48:30
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I added more traces to PR 7261 and the bug still occurred on Travis CI.

0:05:04 load avg: 42.62 [342/415/1] test_multiprocessing_forkserver failed -- running: test_concurrent_futures (69 sec)
child: pid=19401 ppid=19348
child: send BIG
child: done
test_answer_challenge_auth_failure (test.test_multiprocessing_forkserver.OtherTest) ... ok
test_deliver_challenge_auth_failure (test.test_multiprocessing_forkserver.OtherTest) ... ok
test_closefd (test.test_multiprocessing_forkserver.TestCloseFds) ... ok
test_flags (test.test_multiprocessing_forkserver.TestFlags) ... ok
test_lock (test.test_multiprocessing_forkserver.TestForkAwareThreadLock) ... ok
test_ignore (test.test_multiprocessing_forkserver.TestIgnoreEINTR) ... parent: pid=19342
parent: second SIGUSR1

Hum... maybe the child exited, before the parent sent SIGUSR1: the child didn't block on sending 1 MB?
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