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Date 2018-05-30.23:50:11
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* What version of macOS are you using? "Is fully patched" the latest High Sierra?
- I've tried the version bundled with MacOS fully patched high sierra, as well as versions downloaded from, Intel, and ActiveState.  They all demonstrate the slowness.

* Which variant of the Python 2.7.15 installer did you use? 
- I used the 64-bit only installer from during one test.  However, all versions I've tried on MacOS seem to demonstrate the issue.

* Did you install ActiveState Tcl/Tk (check if there is a Tk.framework
  in /Library/Frameworks)? If so, which version?
- I used the bundled version of ActiveState Tcl/Tk that came with the 64-bit only installer. I have also experimented with alternate versions of python that use a Tcl/Tk externally.  "8.5" is the version I see on my system now.
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