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In the old version picker used back in 3.5 [1], the function patch_url was patching using the following regex:

    var url_re = /\.org\/(\d|py3k|dev|((release\/)?\d\.\d[\w\d\.]*))\//,

which does not expects a language tag.

This means, for example, that being on and switching to 3.6 will fail (but the reverse will succeed as the implementation of the switcher in 3.6 understands the language tag).

I see two potential fixes:

- Fix in the 3.5 branch which is not allowed as the branch is in "security only" mode.
- Add a rule, nginx-side, to fix the misconstructed URLS (looking like /3.6/fr/3.5/library/...) redirectin g them to the right place.

Other ideas and feedback welcome.

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