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Moving from bpo-29326
Hi Steve.

I'll try to explain what is my motivation.

I need a reliable way to run Python (not matter embedded or not) in isolated mode, but still having current directory in `sys.path` (empty entry).

Ironically I could misuse normal mode to simulate isolated mode with specified %PYTHONPATH% (which is not much handy, by the way), but hiding Windows Registry keys would look pretty hard (it is impossible to make a bat/cmd wrapper). Possibility to search %PYTHONPATH% in HKLM entries makes it even worse.

Empty entry in `sys.path` is a extremely popular thing, and many software depend on it. It looks like a bug that isolated mode cannot support such entry.

# How would I fix it.

Possibly we should allow another keyword for adding an empty entry (like we have an exclusion for `import site`).

Ideas are appreciated.
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