Author edgimar
Date 2007-04-13.07:22:53
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In the pickle documentation (see ), there is an error.  At the end of the page, under the "A sample usage might be..." section, the file for dumping is opened in text-mode instead of binary mode.

This bit me because I was lazy and didn't re-read all of the pickle documentation, but based some code on this snippet.  The problem occurs under certain circumstances when pickling a type 'object' instance (newstyle) under Windows, and then attempting to unpickle it under Linux.  You get the following error: ImportError: No module named copy_reg.  This made no sense to me, and it took a long time to figure out that the problem was due to the mode in which the file was saved (what that has to do with the ImportError I still have no idea...).  If interested, I could attach a test script which is supposed to load the data to a class instance, and two pickle dumps, one which works, and the other which fails.

Perhaps a related suggestion which maybe should be in a different bug is that pickle should check to see when it writing to a filehandle if the filehandle's mode is binary or text, and to issue a warning if it is text.
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