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In the A/B vote, I cast mine for B, for what it is worth, but it is not strongly held.

From the IPython side, I don't view our particular issue as a major regression for users. The only affected case for us is interactively typed string literals in single statement cells not displaying themselves as results. Since the same string is necessarily already displayed in the input, this isn't a huge deal. This is pretty rare (maybe folks do this while investigating unicode issues?) and we can handle it by recompiling empty modules with 'single' instead of the usual 'exec' that we use because most IPython inputs are multi-statement cells coming from things like notebooks. It's relevant to note that *any* logic in the cell, e.g. `"%i" % 1` or additional statements have no issues.

The proposed 'muliline' or 'interactive' compile mode would suit IPython very well, since that's what we really want - single * N, not actually a module, and this is illustrated by the way we do execution: compile with exec, then iterate through module.body and run the nodes one at a time.
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