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I have a simple code which triggers a timeout if a task did not complete

import asyncio

async def task_timeout():
    condition = asyncio.Condition()
    with await condition:
            await asyncio.wait_for(condition.wait(), timeout=4)
        except asyncio.TimeoutError as e:
            print("timeout reached")
            # uncomment this line to make the code work
            # await asyncio.sleep(0)

f = asyncio.ensure_future(task_timeout())

loop= asyncio.get_event_loop()

It throws an exception when leaving the scope for the condition because it expects the lock to be acquired:

RuntimeError: Lock is not acquired.

If you uncomment the line to sleep, it will work because it will continue in the coroutine Condition.wait and call:
 yield from self.acquire() => line 355

I think this is a bug and that this behaviour is not the expected one.
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