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Author cheryl.sabella
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Date 2018-05-23.23:48:33
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Based on the github comments on PR5638, some code cleanup issues identified for codecontext.

* getspacesfirstword - function and param1 name
* get_line_info - make into helper function and change parm
* get_context - call to get_line_info sends text instead of line number
* toggle_code_context_event - move border calc to same loop at padx
* cleanup some comments

* test_get_line_info - move test to helper test class and change parm from line number to line
* test_get_line_info - add test for tab (I noticed 'indent' is 1 when the regex matches to a tab.  Even though IDLE doesn't allow tabs in the editor, I didn't want to lose track of this).
* test_getspacesfirstword - function name
* test_del - remove call to after info
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