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Date 2018-05-21.21:08:54
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The task schedule is executed when `` is called. There should be a
*delay = 5*  from the time the scheduling statement is executed.

If your claim is true, the priority argument is useless since it has no
impact on the execution order when `delay` values are equal. Clearly, this
is not the case since the example for `enter` at aims to demonstrate the use of
`priority` argument.

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 4:14 AM, Ronald Oussoren <>

> Ronald Oussoren <> added the comment:
> I don't think  there's a bug here: sched.enter schedules an event some
> time after the current time. The two calls to sched.enter are not at the
> same time, hence the priority is not used because the events are scheduled
> at different times.
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