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Date 2018-05-11.15:57:53
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FYI: as my primary effort for AIX concerned ctypes.find_library() - and that is now in the Python3-3.7 branch - when I do a PR it will only be for "current" efforts, i.e., Python3-3.7 and later.

As much as I feel it is important I'll backport myself into branches I'll label "aix.vX.Y.Z", where the starting point is always anew from vX.Y.Z

More detailed: (e.g., on 3.4.8, which I am working on now)

git clone -b v3.4.8 python-3.4.8
git branch aix.v3.4.8
cat ../aix.patch | patch ...
make and test
git commit -m"my message"
git push to_my_fork

As much as possible, I want to be in sync with python - and give you the option of including anything AIX.

As counts for most, if not all, this is "free-time", not paid - but I will always try to respond to questions re: AIX.

Guido - thank you for the support!
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