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For what it's worth as a newbie here, I'll add my 2 cents.  (This is partially copied from my mail on python-dev.)

The one thing which I did notice between the last builds which passed and the current builds is, under the "10 slowest tests" header, test_io has shot up in terms of time to complete:

3.6: from 2 min 13 sec (passing) to 9 min 25 sec (tests timing out)
3.7: from 2 min 10 sec (passing) to 9 min 26 sec (tests timing out)
3.x: from 3 min 39 sec (passing) to 9 min 17 sec (tests timing out)

i.e. roughly 3x longer to run this test suite.

I did a local sanity test of that particular test suite, comparing the last passing changeset from 3.x with the HEAD of master, and I saw no difference in performance.  Thus, my bet is on a build agent related issue such as running low on disk space.  The Azure changes mentioned seems also a possible culprit.
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