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> An automated test would need to fail more consistently, without needing to click.  Running faster would also be good (and perhaps increase failure rate).  The the test would be that the file runs in subprocess without an error (perhaps multiple times).  There may be a function for this.

Thanks for the ideas. I'm on it.

Was thinking of just wrapping the logic with unittest machinery but for a subprocess, it's easier to test stderr for exceptions.

> You also claimed that tkinter is so broken, with either threaded or non-threaded tcl/tk

> CPython's current 2.7 windows installer is installing non-threaded 8.5.18.  (I have no idea if or how I could check.)

You can check this by seeing that the Tcl/Tk DLLs lack the 't' suffix.

> It would seem then, that we should change to threaded 8.5.18 before 2.7.16. (2.7.15 was just released).
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