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You did not say 'never with threaded tcl'.  You also claimed that tkinter is so broken, with either threaded or non-threaded tcl/tk, that tkinter should be trashed.  Anyway, I like to test things for myself.

If 'never with threaded tcl' is true, then the crashes I observed indicate that CPython's current 2.7 windows installer is installing non-threaded 8.5.18.  (I have no idea if or how I could check.)  It would seem then, that we should change to threaded 8.5.18 before 2.7.16. (2.7.15 was just released).  I am surprised since the Windows installers were in Martin Loewis' charge until sometime after 2.7 was released, and he is the one who claimed that tkinter should be thread-safe.
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