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Author vstinner
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Date 2018-05-02.09:29:49
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According to the following links, it would be possible to implement the Pc_DEPRECATED() macro for Visual Studio:

#ifdef __GNUC__
#define DEPRECATED(func) func __attribute__ ((deprecated))
#elif defined(_MSC_VER)
#define DEPRECATED(func) __declspec(deprecated) func
#pragma message("WARNING: You need to implement DEPRECATED for this compiler")
#define DEPRECATED(func) func

Moreover, is Py_DEPRECATED() defined on clang which also supports the deprecated function attribute?

Current Include/pyport.h code:

#if defined(__GNUC__) \
    && ((__GNUC__ >= 4) || (__GNUC__ == 3) && (__GNUC_MINOR__ >= 1))
#define Py_DEPRECATED(VERSION_UNUSED) __attribute__((__deprecated__))
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