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The current implementation looks half-baked to me. It doesn't implement the following features:

1. posix_spawnp(). It is like posix_spawn(), but searches an executable in PATH.

2. Passing various attributes of the created child process. POSIX_SPAWN_SETSIGMASK, POSIX_SPAWN_SETSCHEDPARAM, etc.

And I have doubts about introducing constants like POSIX_SPAWN_OPEN:

1. There is no need to make them integers. They could be strings (for readability) or opaque values.

2. Their names can conflict with future standard constants related to posix_path().

Implementing new features in 3.8 can conflict with the current design. Removing posix_spawn() in 3.7 and deferring the work to 3.8 still looks a better solution to me.
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