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The IDLE help doc viewer displays help.html in a tk Text subclass. This index issue follows #25198, which fixed three immediate issues, and left the following for later.  When tackled, the items below should be separate issues and PRs listed as dependencies.  

1. msg251181 Base font size on user config and control-mousewheel.
2. "       " Make within-document html links in work in the viewer.
3. "       " Make Find (^F) work within the viewer.
4. msg251571 Navigate with keys as in editor.
5. msg251556 Open TOC with Key (Esc?, F1?); enhance navigation.

New items:

6. Add Help Doc Viewer doc to Help section.
   I prefer not adding a menu and see an entry as an alternative.

7. 1, 3, and 4 should try to avoid duplicating editor code.  Perhaps we should enhance the plain text viewer and use it as a superclass for both base editor and html viewer.
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