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# Description
Rolling back a transaction causes all statements associated with that transaction to be reset, which allows the statements to be used again from the pysqlite statement cache. This can interact with various methods on `Cursor` objects to cause these statements to be reset again, possibly when they are in use by a different cursor.

This appears to be very similar to issue10513 and issue23129.

# Impact
Duplicate rows will be returned. Exceptions can be raised.

# Repro steps
  - Cursor *A* executes query *X*
  - Rollback occurs
  - Cursor *B* executes query *X*
  - Any of the following (and there might be other cases too):
    - Cursor *A* is closed
    - Cursor *A* is deallocated
    - Cursor *A* executes any other query.
  - Result: Cursor *B* returns duplicate rows.
  - Furthermore: Executing query *X* again afterwards raises `sqlite3.InterfaceError`

# Possible solutions
  - Similar to the solution for issue10513 and issue23129, we could remove `pysqlite_do_all_statements(self, ACTION_RESET, 1)` from `pysqlite_connection_rollback`. This fixes the given issue, but I'm not sure what the implications are for the rest of the system.

  - Do not reset `self->statement` in `Cursor` if `self->reset`. This is the fix we've adopted for now (through a local patch to our Python), but it's worth noting that this is rather brittle, and only works because `pysqlite_do_all_statements` is always called with `reset_cursors = 1`, and `self->reset` is not modified in too many places.

# Example
import sqlite3 as sqlite

if __name__ == '__main__':
    conn = sqlite.connect(":memory:")
        CREATE TABLE t(c);
        INSERT INTO t VALUES(0);
        INSERT INTO t VALUES(1);
        INSERT INTO t VALUES(2);

    curs = conn.cursor()
    curs.execute("BEGIN TRANSACTION")
    curs.execute("SELECT c FROM t WHERE ?", (1,))

    # Reusing the same statement from the statement cache, which has been
    # reset by the rollback above.
    gen = conn.execute("SELECT c FROM t WHERE ?", (1,))

    # Any of the following will cause a spurious reset of the statement.
    # curs.execute("SELECT 1")
    # del curs

    # Expected output: [(0,), (1,), (2,)]
    # Observed output: [(0,), (0,), (1,), (2,)]

    # Raises `sqlite3.InterfaceError: Error binding parameter 0 - probably unsupported type.`
    conn.execute("SELECT c FROM t WHERE ?", (1,))
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