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Date 2018-04-26.18:02:41
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That's because the stream isn't transcoding, since UTF-8 is ASCII-compatible. Try using something not ASCII-compatible as the codec e.g. 'ibm500' and it'll give incorrect results.

b = io.BytesIO(u'a,b\r\n"asdf","jkl;"\r\n'.encode('ibm500'))
s = codecs.EncodedFile(b, 'ibm500')

Got header: '\x81k\x82\r%'
Skipping the header. '\x7f\x81\xa2\x84\x86\x7fk\x7f\x91\x92\x93^\x7f\r%'
Line 2: '\x81k\x82\r%'
Line 3: '\x7f\x81\xa2\x84\x86\x7fk\x7f\x91\x92\x93^\x7f\r%'
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