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Date 2018-04-25.21:15:09
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> "there's a bug in handling this python 2 code, so black won't be able to reformat it until the next major python release"

Nah, we're still allowed to fix bugs in micro releases.  We should have more of those instead of sitting on fixed bugs for months.  That's a discussion for a different venue though.

> The stdlib is a bad place for anything that needs to evolve at a non-glacial place.

The syntax tree only needs to evolve to keep up with current Python development.  That's why I think it makes sense to tie the two.

> please consider seriously to move to a 3rd party package

Does that also invalidate the idea to merge the tokenizers?

And if so, does that also invalidate the idea to update lib2to3's tokenizer (BPO-33338)?
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