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Date 2018-04-24.21:36:56
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In all PyMUTEX_* and most PyCOND_* functions, all the underlying APIs are void. So there's no point for the functions to return anything other than as convention.

A comment at the start of condvar.h says: "APIs generally return 0 on success and non-zero on error".
In Python\ceval_gil.h:57, there are boilerplace checker macros for them
(which will never fire).

So I guess this is done for uniformity.
Regardless, PyMUTEX_UNLOCK and PyMUTEX_LOCK at least are called both with and without checking the return value.

So I would drop the pretense and make these fns void.


That said, the reported error still persists after the fix.
The code confusing about which value LeaveNonRecursiveMutex should return on success. Pushed another commit, confirmed to work now.
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