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Date 2018-04-16.06:14:27
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The capacity of the dict is 2/3 of its hashtable size: dk_usable < 2/3 * dk_size.

Currently the dict grows if dk_usable > 1/4 * dk_size, and preserves the size if dk_usable < 1/4 * dk_size. Note that it it can grow twice if dk_usable > 1/2 * dk_size.

With the proposed change the dict will grow only if dk_usable > 1/3 * dk_size, preserve the size if 1/6 * dk_size < dk_usable < 1/3 * dk_size, and shrink if dk_usable < 1/6 * dk_size. After growing once it will no need to grow again until the number of item be increased.

This LGTM.
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