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Author Aaron Ang
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Date 2018-04-15.07:01:11
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I couldn't reproduce this issue. I tried reproducing this problem by extending the TestRefactoringTool class and creating two files: one file with LF line-endings and one file with CRLF line-endings.

The changes that I made can be found here:

The output of the tests:

Before: b'print("hi")\n\nprint("Like bad Windows newlines?")\n'
After:  b'print("hi")\n\nprint("Like bad Windows newlines?")\n'

Before: b'print("hi")\r\n\r\nprint("Like bad Windows newlines?")\r\n'
After:  b'print("hi")\r\n\r\nprint("Like bad Windows newlines?")\r\n'

Maybe this problem has been resolved?
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