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I would like python_coded_callable.__code__ to be the code object executed when python_coded_callable is called, just as expected by the isxyz author(s).  It has to exist somewhere.  Methods m and m3 both return 42 when called, and both have the same code object.

>>> m3.__code__
<code object __call__ at 0x000001431C797E40, file "F:\Python\a\", line 3>
>>> m3.__func__.__code__
<code object __call__ at 0x000001431C797E40, file "F:\Python\a\", line 3>
>>> m.__func__.__call__.__code__
<code object __call__ at 0x000001431C797E40, file "F:\Python\a\", line 3>

The fact that m requires an additional level of indirection is an implementation detail that I don't think necessarily has to involve users.
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