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Date 2018-03-29.20:07:40
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In several cases, tests use ```self.assertTrue(a in b)```. Using ```self.assertIn(a, b)``` seems to be better.
For examples:
   self.assertTrue('(po, pk' in repr(sig))
   self.assertTrue('that_value' in cf['Spacey Bar'])
   self.assertTrue(elem in c)

There are some cases where ```self.assertTrue(a not in b)``` could be replaced by  ```self.assertNotIn(a, b)```

   self.assertTrue('.' not in value)
   self.assertTrue(not ('a' in d))
   self.assertTrue('a' not in d)

$ find . -name "*.py" | xargs grep -r "assertTrue.* in "
finds 131 occurences but there are some false positives inside the output.

I can write a patch if you are interested.
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