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> if not available fallback on 
> GetActiveProcessorCount(ALL_PROCESSOR_GROUPS)

The fallback for older versions of Windows is dwNumberOfProcessors from GetSystemInfo. This can be removed from 3.7 and 3.8, which no longer support Windows versions prior to Windows 7.

> GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx() is what should really be used. 

GetActiveProcessorCount and GetMaximumProcessorCount are implemented via GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx (i.e. NtQuerySystemInformation, SystemLogicalProcessorAndGroupInformation). They query the RelationGroup information. For ALL_PROCESSOR_GROUPS, they respectively sum the ActiveProcessorCount and MaximumProcessorCount over all groups.

These functions were added in Windows 7 to support the implementation of logical processor groups, which allows up to 64 logical processors per group. Each process is created in a single group, which is assigned round-robin. A thread can call SetThreadGroupAffinity to manually switch to another group.

Apparently someone at Microsoft advised calling GetMaximumProcessorCount (see issue 30581), but I don't follow this decision. Why should os.cpu_count() include CPUs that may or may not come online? Also, on POSIX it reports sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN), not sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF), so for Windows it should instead call GetActiveProcessorCount. I assume on BSD that HW_NCPU is similar, though I'm not sure for MacOS. Also on MacOS it appears to be deprecated in favor of HW_LOGICALCPU, HW_LOGICALCPU_MAX, HW_PHYSICALCPU, and HW_PHYSICALCPU_MAX.

> which may still report the wrong number of CPUs on 32 bit processes.

32-bit Windows and WOW64 emulation are limited to 32 CPUs. Applications that need more logical processors should be 64-bit
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