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There is no “open_fds” parameter as far as I know. I presume you meant heritable descriptors are still closed with close_fds=True (not open_fds=False).

Are you sure about the second part? In my experiments on Linux, unless I use “pass_fds” or one of the “stdin” etc parameters, a non-heritable descriptor is never passed to the child, no matter what I use for “close_fds”.

Reading through Issue 6559, the intention of “pass_fds” seems to be to list extra file descriptors, in addition to 0, 1 and 2 that are normally passed. The documentation says descriptors greater than 2 are closed (due to close_fds=True), but in reality the “pass_fds” descriptors seem to be always left open, even when they are marked non-heritable.
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