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Author Stefan Sauer
Recipients Matthew.Byrne, Michael Dickens, Ramchandra Apte, Stefan Sauer, berker.peksag, christian.heimes, jaalto, python-dev, serhiy.storchaka
Date 2018-03-24.14:44:24
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Is there a workaround for python2? The issue is that autotools is checking that installed tools support --help and --version and it expects those to stdout:

bad=0; pid=$$; list="gtkdoc-check gtkdoc-depscan gtkdoc-fixxref gtkdoc-mkdb gtkdoc-mkhtml gtkdoc-mkhtml2 gtkdoc-mkman gtkdoc-mkpdf gtkdoc-rebase gtkdoc-scan gtkdoc-scangobj gtkdocize"; for p in $list; do \
  case '  ' in \
   *" $p "* | *" ../../$p "*) continue;; \
  esac; \
  f=`echo "$p" | sed 's,^.*/,,;s,x,x,'`; \
  for opt in --help --version; do \
    if "/home/ensonic/projects/gnome/gtk-doc/gtk-doc-1.27.1/_inst/bin/$f" $opt >c${pid}_.out \
         2>c${pid}_.err </dev/null \
	 && test -n "`cat c${pid}_.out`" \
	 && test -z "`cat c${pid}_.err`"; then :; \
    else echo "$f does not support $opt" 1>&2; bad=1; fi; \
  done; \
done; rm -f c${pid}_.???; exit $bad
gtkdoc-check does not support --version
gtkdoc-fixxref does not support --version
gtkdoc-mkdb does not support --version
gtkdoc-mkhtml does not support --version
gtkdoc-mkhtml2 does not support --version
gtkdoc-mkman does not support --version
gtkdoc-mkpdf does not support --version
gtkdoc-rebase does not support --version
gtkdoc-scan does not support --version
gtkdoc-scangobj does not support --version
Makefile:637: recipe for target 'installcheck-binSCRIPTS' failed
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