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Date 2018-03-20.15:38:02
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The intention of the change in issue 26510 was to pick the least surprising behaviour for the default value of subparsers -- the compatiblity with the behaviour before the regression was introduced in 3.3 was a nice side-effect.  As with the rest of positional arguments in argparse, the positional subparsers were changed to required by default.

The main issue addressing the 3.3 regression I believe is and not the one linked.

When I revived the patch, I surveyed a number of open source tools using subparsers (~10-20) and they all fell into the following categories:

- Used the workaround (part of this SO post: (most fell into this category)
- crashed with some sort of TypeError (NoneType has no attribute startswith, KeyeError: None, etc.) due to not handling "optional" subparsers
- Manually handled when the subparser was `None` to raise an argparse error

You can enable a 3.3-3.7 compatible "always optional subparsers" with a similar pattern that was used to manually restore the pre-regression behaviour:

subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(...)
subparsers.required = False

I believe the error message issue is already tracked:
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