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Also, a small upstream community interaction tip: if you want people to seriously consider your requests for changes in default behaviour (which inevitably risk backwards compatibility breaks), don't start out by insulting them.

Python's defaults are currently set up for a *trusted personal automation tool*, where the person writing the code is also the person running it.

By starting out with an insult like "I think this is a really stupid security bug", you're actually saying "I know very little about Python's history, or the audiences it was originally written to serve, and instead of politely suggesting an alternative behaviour that would be more robust in the face of system configuration errors, I'm going to try to use shame, guilt, and embarrassment to get people to do work for me". That kind of behaviour *isn't* a good way to get your issues addressed, but it *is* a good way to encourage people to decide that volunteering as an open source maintainer isn't worth the associated hassles.

The opening insult added nothing to your issue report, and could more productively have been replaced with an explanation of the expectations you had of the default behaviour, how you came by those expectations, and how the current behaviour failed to meet them.
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