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Date 2018-03-16.11:10:26
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General loggers are used in the standard way (message, args, etc), but data
loggers are used for different types of data. Instead of message, they
receive the experiment results (dict/list/np.array/binary data) and their
`formatMessage()` method should be modified in order to account for the
changed data-type.

This might indeed be an XY problem on my side. However, it seems that
someone already thought about it before and started implementing this
mechanism (`Manager.setLogRecordFactory()`), but didn't finish. That's why
I suggested this modification.

On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 4:21 PM Vinay Sajip <> wrote:

> Vinay Sajip <> added the comment:
> >  I have two types of loggers, one for experiment results ("data") and
> another for general information
> In what way is the behaviour of the two types of logger different? I'm
> concerned that this might be an XY problem ...
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