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Date 2018-03-16.05:58:02
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When a list or dataframe serie contains NaN(s), the median, median_low and median_high are computed in Python 3.6.4 statistics library, however, the results are wrong.
Either, it should return a NaN just like when we try to compute a mean or point the user to drop the NaNs before computing those statistics.
import numpy as np
import statistics as stats

data = [75, 90,85, 92, 95, 80, np.nan]
Median  = stats.median(data)
Median_low = stats.median_low(data)
Median_high = stats.median_high(data)
The results from above return ALL 90 which are incorrect.

Correct answers should be:
Median = 87.5
Median_low  = 85
Median_high = 92
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