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Date 2018-03-12.12:28:27
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I don't think we made any start-up changes that were specific to PySys_AddWarnOption, so my suspicion is that the crash is going to be related to a change in the constraints on either the unicode object creation or the list append operation.

The attached patch adds a new test case (I also cleaned up several other details related to test_embed execution in order to more easily see where the segfault happens on failure).

Unfortunately, it isn't yet suitable for use with `git bisect`, as I checked 3.7.0a3 (the earliest tag where the patch applied cleanly), and that commit also segfaults. So setting up for git bisect testing (as per the hot-fix example in ) will require:

* checking the commit where "" was extracted from "" and seeing whether or not that segfaults
* if it *doesn't* segfault, git bisect between there and v3.7.0a3
* if it *does* segfault, make a revised test patch that applies cleanly to early versions, and then go back through the 3.7.0 pre-releases to find one that works
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