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Date 2018-03-03.04:15:02
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If fgps never returns 0, then returning 0 instead of None would allow simplification of

                if bod is not None or startat == 1:
            parser.set_lo(bod or 0)

                if bod or startat == 1:

If it can (or should) ever return 0, separate from None, I would like to see a test case for that.  We could then think about whether or not the loop should break on 0 as well as None.

Perhaps separate issue: the 'if use_ps1' statements in editor and hyperparser, and a couple of lines before, is nearly identical, and could be factored into a separate editor method that returns a parser instance ready for analysis.  It could then be tested in isolation.  The method should return a parser instance ready for analysis.

Both blocks have an explicit set_lo(0) call, which does nothing, and could be removed.
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