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Author hvbargen
Date 2007-02-22.20:16:25
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Of course I am already closing any files as soon as possible.

I know that I could use FD_CLOEXEC. But this would require that I do it explicitly for each descriptor that I use in my program. But this would be a tedious work and require platform-specific coding all around the program. And the whole bunch of python library functions (i.e. the logging module) do not use FD_CLOEXEC as well.
Right now, more or less the only platform specific code in the program is where I call subprocesses, and I like to keep it that way.
The same is true for the socket module. All sockets are by default inherited to child processes.
So, the only way to prevent unwanted handles from inheriting to child processes, is in fact to specify close_fds=True in
If you think that a performance patch similar to the patch #16078087 makes no sense, then the close_fds argument should either be marked as deprecated or at least the documentation should mention that the implementation is slow for large values of SC_OPEN_MAX.
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