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Date 2018-02-21.03:05:03
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I believe changeset d4b93e21c2664d6a78e0656e7a7be0807be1c352 may be the cause of buildbot failures on FreeBSD (at least koobs-freebsd-current, log attached), due to only the EBADF error being handled (not EINVAL, et al).

Unfortunately the worker was been offline for a longer than anticipated period of time and only recently was restored which delayed picking it up.

The issue (in this workers case) is related to the buildbot home/data directory being on a ZFS filesystem, who's host was recently updated (from current late last year to yesterday).

Initial investigation/isolation/references:

Disable posix_fallocate(2) for ZFS

Note: Above change will be relevant (merged) for at least FreeBSD 12 and 11, but perhaps even 10.

0000684: posix_fallocate() should be allowed to return ENOTSUP (Interp Status: Approved)

[HEADS UP] posix_fallocate support removed from ZFS, lld affected
Snip: "illumos and ZoL seem to do the same."

Gold fails when output file is lying on ZFS

Given the wide scope of use of zfs and both syscalls across multiple OS's, and possible changes to POSIX documentation/standards, changes to the underlying fallocate/fadvise functions may also be indicated here.
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