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Author Paul Price
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Date 2018-02-20.21:13:07
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Using the current valgrind suppressions (Misc/valgrind-python.supp) results in a lot of noise, e.g.:

==2662549== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==2662549==    at 0x4EFD734: address_in_range (obmalloc.c:1200)
==2662549==    by 0x4EFD734: _PyObject_Free (obmalloc.c:1467)
==2662549==    by 0x4FAA6A3: block_free (pyarena.c:95)
==2662549==    by 0x4FAA6A3: PyArena_Free (pyarena.c:169)

The suppressions are blocking Py_ADDRESS_IN_RANGE, but this function was renamed in 3.6.
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