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Author izbyshev
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Date 2018-02-14.21:10:48
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When redirecting, subprocess attempts to achieve the following state: each fd to be redirected to is less than or equal to the fd it is redirected from, which is necessary because redirection occurs in the ascending order of destination descriptors. It fails to do so if a low fd (< 2) is redirected to stderr and another low fd is closed, which may lead to an incorrect redirection, for example:

$ cat
import os
import subprocess
import sys

os.close(0)[sys.executable, '-c',
                 'import sys; print("Hello", file=sys.stderr)'],

$ python3 2>/dev/null
$ python3 >/dev/null

Expected behavior:
$ python3 >/dev/null
$ python3 2>/dev/null
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