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EAFP and BDFL are not python folk terminology (the former never was, the latter may have originated with us but it has widespread use).  They are also acronyms.  'dunder' is the phonetic spelling of a way of pronouncing punctuation.  Raymond's examples of 'stir' and 'repper' are similar: phonetic spellings of ways of pronouncing something that isn't a word.

It seems to me that such phonetic spellings do no belong in the glossary.  The counter argument is that unlike the other two 'dunder' does appear *occasionally* in text...but the only place it appears in our documentation (that I can find via grep) is in the enum docs, and there it should be replaced by the correct term "special methods", especially since it there it is spelled "__dunder__".

For 'stir' and 'repper' the text spelling is __str__/str and __repr__/repr, for 'dunder XXX' the correct text spelling is the special method name, and for the "dunder method" the correct spelling (and I would argue the correct pronunciation :) is "special method".  That is, 'dunder' is mostly used in speech, not text.  It is not a "word" in the sense that the rest of the glossary entries are.
So, I vote with Raymond and others that this term does *not* belong in our glossary.

I recommend closing this issue as rejected.
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