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> # runs this weird file

> # Currently an error; if this is implemented, would run
> # /bin/ls, and pass it the -l argument. Refers to something
> # completely different than our .exists() call above.

I do not understand where it is stated that this is the behavior. My understanding was that if run() is passed a single argument, it will interpret the string "/bin/ls -l" to mean "run the `/bin/ls` program, and pass it one argument `-l`, whereas if instead run() is given a list, it will literally treat the first element as the program to run, regardless of how many spaces or whatever else it contains ... And as such, if `bin` is a Path-like object, this issue tries to resolve that
run([bin]) works as excepted, but run(bin) fails horribly.

Sure, I can understand that for strings it may not feel natural how these two things are interpreted differently, but if `bin` is a Path-like object, it at least feels very natural to me that then it should be run as the program name itself (as "paths" does not have arguments).
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